Typically applies to technology and research positions. Recognized as distinguished senior expert within field. Consistently works with abstract ideas. Through assessment of intangible variables, identifies and evaluates fundamental issues, providing strategy and direction. Requires in-depth knowledge of industry trends, business strategies and the company’s goals.

Degree of Independent Judgement

Applies deep technical expertise of current industry and emerging technologies to provide insight and technical leadership to promote new ideas, innovative concepts and resolving critical issues. Uses extensive knowledge of  theories, practices and design and is a key influencer in product research, product innovation and growth strategies.


Oversees creative engineering-oriented research or advanced product development. Erroneous decisions will have a long-term effect on the company’s success. Consults with and provides guidance on advanced technical issues to  leadership. Recognized as a technical leader  whose knowledge, ideas and critical thinking  impact the university.

Education & Experience

Typically requires a bachelor's degree and 17+ years of relevant experience.