We added two more levels to the UCareer implementation roles: Sr. Liaison and Sr. Advisor.  Here are the descriptions of all roles, including the new ones.

SR. ADVISOR:  This role is given to members of either senior leadership or operations/organization specialists.  Their responsibility is to support the Liaisons/Sr. Liaison and provide expertise and guidance when necessary.  This role does not have the final approver rights.

SR. LIAISON:  The role is designed only for large areas with a lot of employees, like the School of Medicine.  This person will coordinate with Liaisons of the smaller areas. While Liaisons will act as coordinators and final submitters for their smaller departments, Sr. Liaison will be the final approver and have the right to adjust the submissions of the Liaisons. In areas that have a Sr. Liaison, the right of final approval is transferred from the Liaison to the Sr. Liaison. Most areas will not have a Sr. Liaison role and HR must approve its use.

LIAISON: Liaison is the main person in charge of the successful implementation of the UCareer project for their VP Area/School/College. Liaisons form internal UCareer focus groups. Liaisons are the primary contact between HR and the department for UCareer. Can be nominated by VPs/Deans/Sr. Liaisons. If the area does not have a Sr. Liaison, a Liaison is the final approver for submissions to HR.

ADMINISTRATOR: UCareer Administrators are selected by the Liaison. They participate in the internal UCareer focus groups and help Liaisons with the strategy development, organization, and successful implementation of the UCareer project. Administrators bring their questions to the Liaison, who, in turn, brings them to HR. Can be nominated by Liaisons/VPs/Deans.

Here, you can download a PDF of the UCareer Roles